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Ljubljana, Slovenia



SoftwareONE, information systems, d.o.o. is a member of SoftwareONE, a leading global platform and IT services provider with over 30 years of software and technology experience. The Group offers licensed consulting, procurement and management services throughout its life cycle, as well as services for managing various IT environments and cloud solutions. With its global presence in 90 countries and more than 5,300 skilled professionals, SoftwareONE helps solve the challenges of more than 55,000 customers around the world in terms of flexibility, security, high reliability and seamless operation of their IT environments. With its extensive network of services and services, it provides professional support to large, mid-sized and small businesses, advises them on enterprise enterprise solutions, complience and Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, and sells, implements, and maintains Microsoft solutions , IBM, Red Hat, VMware, Oracle, Citrix AWS, Adobe, Trend Micro and many more (more than 9,000 manufacturers in total).

Sponsorship in September 2021