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Development Counsellors International (DCI) is the leader in marketing places. Since 1960, we have worked with more than 450 cities, regions, states and countries, helping them attract both investors and visitors. We specialize exclusively in all phases of economic development and travel marketing. But we’re also much more than this. We are a firm deeply committed to our clients’ success, because we share a fundamental value with them: a passion for places. By telling our clients’ stories in the national and international media, we believe we can help create prosperity and growth in their communities, ultimately benefiting the lives of thousands of people who call these places home. Perhaps this seems a bit lofty or idealistic. But consider this: each year, our travel and economic development clients help create hundreds of jobs by bringing investment – in the form of visitor dollars or manufacturing facilities, for example – to their communities, often raising one generation from poverty into the middle class, increasing citizens’ quality of life and opening doors for the next generation to pursue higher education and become part of a skilled workforce.

Sponsorship in April 2021