Agency Profile

Hejun Zongda Data Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China


Hejun Zongda Data Technology Co.,Ltd aims at building a new-type one-stop service platform, providing full user life circle for enterprises, increasing user service experience, avoiding operation risk, creating user (data) value. According to the customer’s product feature, Hejun Zongda provides project consulting, service designing, software system developing, knowledge system building, data system designing,data mining, business intelligence analyzing, team building & training, project operating etc. All these services creates the value chain for the enterprises’ full user circle. The management headquarter of Hejun Zongda is located in Shanghai, we have five branch offices located in Beijing, Kunshan, Hefei, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, six operational bases located in Beijing, Hefei, Kunshan, Ningxia, Suzhou & Foshan, more than 60000 square meters office area, which can contain 9200 Representatives, providing one-stop service for financial, internet and other areas.

Sponsorship in September 2022