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Sleep Space is a one stop online store for everything to do with sleep. We carry mattresses, beds, pillows and bed linen from leading brands to provide you with the convenience to shop for you sleep products without having to leave your bed (literally!). We believe in educating our customers and are constantly adding on to our library of articles with topics ranging from “How to choose the right mattress” to “Bedroom FengShui” to “The right way to sleep” and lots of other interesting topics to do with sleep. As an energetic and outgoing team, we are also very active on YouTube and Facebook to connect with our customers and to share with you everything we know about sleep in a more fun and engaging way; just in case reading articles is not your thing. As a fully online e-commerce store, we are able to reduce the overhead expenses greatly and hence able to pass on the savings to you. You can shop with confidence that we have secured the best price from our suppliers for you. Customer service and customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and should you have any questions or enquiries, you can get on our Live Chat, email us at [email protected] or simply give us a call at +65 66777645.

Sponsorship in June 2023