Agency Profile


PIISTECH is a one-stop web & software solutions provider company in Bangladesh.

PIISTECH stands for Perfect Intelligence Information System & Technology where we provide software services. It’s initially started out its business in February 2017. It has been involved in the development of outsourcing from the very beginning and therefore all services highlight the experience of development. It is a consultancy company where knowledge, process and proven methodologies converge to deliver compelling, high value and cost-effective services in record time. The company offers software development and maintenance services all over the world, currently, we are working with USA, Malaysian, Singapore, Australian, and UK. We have developed a unique collaborative model of partnering with clients to deliver great software products to market rapidly and economically. We were working on Web development, App development (iOS, Android) and Digital Marketing. We are also working on a cloud-based solution, big data, product development & maintenance, UI & UX Design, E-commerce services. Our goal is to become the most respected, trusted, and preferred software consulting firm in the industry by providing only the highest quality services to our clients at an affordable price. We're dreaming bigger than ever now in 2019. We have grown into a family of over 60 members who create and nurture top quality products every month. A dedicated support team is assisting users and caring for their problems. We also carry out community works to develop market talents and participate whenever possible in various international events.

Sponsorship in October 2023