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Agency Profile

Proximity Wave Media

Toronto , Canada


Your Business Needs A Strong Web Presence to Succeed in this Age of Information.

We design world class web sites that are intuitive, creative and meet business objectives. Our creative team is highly skilled at developing adoptive website designs which grows as your business grow. The rapid growth of smart phone users and it’s technological demand is one of our main consideration when design websites. We understand how to blend user needs, and commercial goals with all-around attractiveness to deliver an inspiring web presence.

Connecting the Dots Between Businesses and Its Target Audience!
ProximityWave combines strategy with creative and intelligent marketing drives to help companies achieve their business goals. We specialized in connecting the dots between businesses and its target audience through digital marketing. ProximityWave leverages its business acumen and experience to provide integrated marketing solutions that reach today’s consumer through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, our own web networks and on mobile devices using proprietary technology.

Brain Behind ProximityWave Media’s Success
ProximityWave Media was founded by Gama Seva way back in spring of 2007 in his Bedroom selling digital products, offering graphic designs and web design services as his part time work. After several years, he ventured in to lead generations, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and software development. Now, ProximityWave has now its own proprietary display network platform that can be able to serve up to 50 million impressions per day.

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