It’s no surprise that in order to survive as a viable 21st-century brand, you need to have a robust social media presence. One that is not only engaging, but informative, entertaining, gently pushes the brand, watches competitors, and more. 

It can sound simple in the beginning, but when you consider the sheer number of social channels, as well as the definitely not-intimidating amount of content that you need to post regularly to be visible, it can get overwhelming quickly. This can be doubly true if you own a small business and operate your social media channels by yourself or with limited staff, and can sometimes run into content creation droughts for your brand. 

There are a ton of great social media post ideas for businesses that will help build your audience, while not being too in-your-face about it. Social media can be a fine line to walk sometimes because you need to post to be visible, but posting too much can lead even your most faithful and loyal customers to mute, hide, or even unfollow your brand pages.

Benefits of Brainstorming Social Media Post Ideas For Your Business

The big challenge with social media post ideas for business is that many business social media pages do not have a coherent content plan or roadmap for what they want to achieve with their social channels. Sure, they want to get likes, retweets, reactions, comments, and all of that, but when it comes down to it, many social channels are disjointed, random, and ineffective in the big picture.

By brainstorming social media post ideas for your business, you can take away that potentially detrimental variable of being unsure what to post. You can plan posts that lead into others, schedule holiday posts, plan engaging content during hours when both your followers and you will be online to interact. 


Not only does it give you time to plan your content, but it also gives you time to actually make quality content. Not everything has to be a selfie, or a bad product shot because you’re outside, or just disconnected amateur content. By brainstorming social media post ideas for your business, you can create high-quality content that is both appealing and functional, putting you light-years ahead of some of your competitors.

Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

Here’s where you need to really think about your business’s place in the world, and how you want to portray your brand while publishing content suitable to your niche. 

One of the most important things to consider, before you get started with your content brainstorming, is to figure out which social channels and platforms are going to be ideal for your needs. There are the largest ones, that it seems like everyone is on, but there are newer platforms as well. 

Depending on your audience, you may be looking at creating drastically different types of content. If your audience is a bit older, you’re probably considering Facebook at the very least. On the other hand, if your audience is going to consist of large portions of baby millennials and gen-z, you are probably going to be much heavier into TikTok and Instagram, for example. 

There are some ideas that can be adapted to many different industries, but there are likely some ideas that will be unique to your situation. Your approach will likely need a blend of the two, find your angle and work it. 


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Here are some ideas.

  • Chat, AMA, Live: Host a Twitter chat, Reddit AMA, or even a Facebook Live or Instagram Live video with guests, and do Q&A sessions, or general discussions or hangouts once a week/month for a short while. This is a great chance to interact with people, and have any common questions, issues, or topics discussed.
  • Post A Weekly Question Or Poll: Depending on your industry or niche, weekly questions, polls, or bracket votes can be a great way to build interaction for people who are hesitant to contribute more than a tap or a click. Instead of a like, use a poll to run a simple contest, or a “which is better” thread that can be a weekly discussion. 
  • Industry Discussion Thread: Share a piece of influential industry news (just one), and ask a question framed to spark discussion on it. Not just a simple yes or no, this will be for people who want to discuss, debate, and interact. Be wary, nearly anything can be turned into an argument, so be sure you have an admin or mod to monitor replies and civility.
  • Thank You Promotions: This sounds like something that would be in any list about social post ideas, but that is for good reason. One of the most significant things any business can do is to run a weekly customer appreciation giveaway or similar promotion. This should be some small gift of your product or service or non-publically available discount for same, that is given to a random follower that interacts with your posts. Make sure your requirements don’t cut out your audience, many people are hesitant to reshare promotional posts, but they will react or comment easily. This is a great way to build interaction, and distribute some swag or gift cards on a weekly basis.

Agencies That Specialize in Social Media Post Ideas That Can Help Grow Your Business 

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