Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation methods that we adopt are to rank the internet marketing agencies who offers various kinds of services to their clients. Our evaluation methodology is based on merits, demerits, and competitive advantages. This helps in considering all the things, which are needed to evaluate the online marketing site. The methods that we apply are discussed here.


We conduct a thorough evaluation by analyzing the services provided by the vendor. Our research team gathers information about each vendor, which includes client reviews, campaign size, and number of professionals that are employed to provide the services. Other things included in the analysis are reports, feedback given by the client, and other things related to the campaigns conducted by the company.

Evaluation process

The evaluation process that we have adopted includes the consideration of these factors, which differentiates the services provided by each company. The team conducts the evaluation process by identifying the strength of the company along with weaknesses and competitive advantages that it provides to the clients. This helps to include the vendor in a proper category. We adopt different evaluation processes for SEO companies and pay per click management companies. The evaluation process is based on different approaches and is differentiated according to the services they provide.

Awards and recognition

There are many SEO companies that have won various awards, which are distributed in various events. The awards also include achievements and accomplishments that the company has achieved in providing services to its customers. We are in touch with the conference organizers as we belong to online marketing industry and so we are aware of all the events, conferences and award functions that are to be conducted in future. Besides this, we also know about the companies who have performed well. We always recommend those companies that provide whitepapers, training sessions, case studies and other materials related to the online marketing industries.


We always investigate the companies on the basis of its involvement in online marketing at conferences publications. We also ensure the growth of the company in the industry. The companies that stick to a particular niche are able to get a brand and become a leader and innovator in the industry. Vendors can also provide services which are not related to software or and this also shows that they are a leader in the industry.

Warning factors

There are many companies that select a marketing company increase their business. That is the reason that we take into consideration warning factors during our research. These factors are related to the role, which the companies take into consideration while dealing with the client. We have to consider waning factors because we recommend the companies to the clients and if they are not happy with the company, they will not take our services again. The warning signs that we consider include laying off the employees, reduction in the money to be spent on advertising campaigns, and also decrease in the number of acquiring new clients and also existing clients. These factors let us know which companies should be recommended so that they can take a job for a long time.