We have started our services of providing SEO agencies to over customers long time back and now we have many clients who are always ready to take our services. The SEO companies included in our database are reviewed rigorously before adding them. Along with the performance of the SEO company, we also check the reviews of the clients of that company. The rankings given to a SEO company is based on the research as every SEO company is not suitable for every client.

We provide scores to the SEO companies based on our research and client reviews. The performance of the SEO company depends on many factors and they are scored on the basis of these factors. A SEO company does many kinds of tasks to increase the ranks of a website.


Things to remember about us

Here are the things, which our clients should know about us.

  • The rankings given to a SEO agency is based on the research done by our staff. There are many companies who want to be our members but we select only a few on the basis of performance. The main aim of our company is to include only those SEO companies that provide the best services to the clients.
  • If any company wants us to evaluate them, we charge a reasonable fee for the same. We also help those agencies who do not have much finance. We make them star performance with the help of other tools or services. The SEO agencies also have the option of providing funds so that we may continue their rankings and help the customers to take the services of these agencies.
  • We do not provide the facility through which users of our sites can recommend a SEO agency to provide ranking. We may add this feature in future but currently, we welcome the opinions of the customers related to SEO agencies.

Other factors which we use to rank a SEO agency are as follows.

  • Is the company trustworthy or not?
  • Does the company attend conference?
  • Is the company employing or laying off employees?
  • Have they permitted to talk to their customers?

The ranking given to a company is based on opinion of their clients along with other research options that we conduct.

We always hope that the services we provide to our clients are useful to them and they can choose the agency as per our ratings. The ranking is based on continuous analysis and latest reviews. We always try to find new agencies and vendors and analyze them to check whether they can be included in our ranking or not.



We provide a facility of forum to our subscribers so that they can provide positive and negative feedback regarding our services and the rankings we provide to our customers. This helps the users to get recommendation about choosing an SEO agency.



The information regarding the rankings of the agencies can be accessed easily by our users. The rankings are based on our recommendations but we suggest that the clients should also do a proper research regarding the SEO agency they have chosen. We will not be liable if a user chooses a SEO agency which is not able to meet with their requirement.

We also are not liable for any comments statements, representations, opinions, etc. which are posted on our website. We provide rankings to the SEO companies but do not guarantee the rankings and their quality, integrity, and accuracy. The company and its third party will not be liable for the rankings provided on the website. If a client faces any loss or damage due to the ranking of a SEO agency, we are not liable for it.

The rankings provided by us are independent and depends only on our opinion. They are based on our judgment, analysis, and subjective or objective criteria. There is no warranty about the accuracy or factual basis if the rankings. A client who uses our rankings should come to an agreement that the decision of selecting an SEO agency is their decision and not ours. They also have to agree that the decisions regarding the selection of an SEO agency can be based on our rankings.

Top SEO Brands is an independent organization and it has no association with any administrative agency, non-profit organization, government authorities, non-profit organizations, or any private, subsidiary, or parent company. This is the reason that there is no partiality when the evaluation regarding the SEO companies is performed. We evaluate the SEO companies at regular intervals but we do not own them so we cannot be held for any responsibility if a client faces loss due to the company. We also do not have any affiliation with consumer union and our rankings, ratings, opinions, and directories are not based upon the decisions of consumer union.