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31,000 FT

Addison, United States


We dreamed of creating a more streamlined, client-friendly, “higher perspective” ad agency. So we did. Our specialties include TV, radio, print, social media, websites, and of course, brand building and strategy. We believe every brand, company and cause needs to find its higher purpose in this world. It has to understand why it's on this planet and how it makes it a better place. Our role is to help brands craft their unique compelling story, creatively bring it to life, and ultimately, leave their mark on the world. By engaging at the 31,000 FT level, brands capture the hearts, minds, and imaginations of their customers. This in turn helps to maximize ROI, achieve the numbers you seek, and let your brand truly soar. Let our higher level perspective help you find your elevated potential!

Sponsorship in April 2021