Agency Profile

Advanced Analytics and Research Lab

Torionto, Canada


Advanced Analytics and Research Lab (AAARL) is an affordable analytics consulting, contracting and education company. We focus on helping organizations leverage data and technology to answer complex questions, supercharge day to day operations and achieve their business goals with data-driven methodology. Our flagship service, Analytics as a Service, allows any champions in an organization to start leveraging highly impactful analytical analysis at a highly accessible format.

We have three lines of business. Our flagship service, Analytics as a Service is a monthly subscription where clients pay a monthly fee to get access to our team of data analytics professionals. As well, we do custom anlytics projects a well as corporate workshop.

Our people have professional training and extensive experience in data science and analytics. The team at AAARL is highly motivated, very talented, and extremely dedicated to every client that we take on. Each project is meticulously planned and communicated transparently to ensure a personalized and successful experience.


Sponsorship in March 2023