Agency Profile

Agência Defoco

São Paulo, Brazil


Defoco is passion with pinches of reason. It's color intertwined with shape. The drawing merging into letters giving way to successful ideas focused on the outcome of your brand. It is the union of multifaceted thoughts facing a standardized universe. And to standardize makes all the difference in the moment of generating new ideas, also because to blur a problem makes us focus totally on the solution.

At Defoco we are passionate about design, but we love the results much more. Strategy, planning and creativity represented in projects and new business opportunities raising and highlighting the brand with consumers. For this reason, we will never be three hundred and sixty degrees, because we advance without returning to the same point.

The energy and agility of young people ready to make a difference in the day-to-day of your brand.

Do you doubt it? Then take a look at what we've already set up with some of our clients.

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