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Agency Profile

AIR Production

Moscow, Russia


AIR is a digital production company. We analyze, engeneer, make layouts, design, program, put into service and support our projects. Our skills can be used in the whole scope of work, from initial investigations to production and development.

Our key areas are finance and insurance industry, complex promo projects, media and E-commerce. Every area has its own group of specialists with relevant responsibilities dealing only with it. Our rules are less but quickly and efficiently. You can spend several years on development, and the site won’t be ready. We start the project with iterations and the first one will contain the tools needed to start selling. Long-term cooperation. The projects developed in AIR Production make profit, working with us is easy and the client always knows that no one will do better.

We try not to say "No". If the client wants to make changes to the project, we will necessarily ask why he wants to do so. And if the demand is unreasonable or impossible we will always explain to the client the reason of its impossibility and offer an alternative.

We do not pursue meaningless innovations. Let someone else create Neuro-VR-3D interface for a microwave and put out of business couple of its clients. We usually start working after this cases. To be the best, it is not necessary to be the first.

We are ready if something goes wrong. And if something goes wrong due to external factors we will be flexible in making decisions and change the vector of development. Experienced project managers are the basis of our team. We believe that the key to the success of your project is intelligent accounting. Therefore, customer service and high-quality  management are the items we attach the greatest importance to.

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