Agency Profile


We specialize in software product development firstly for mobile devices.
We have solid experience in Client / Client-Server based Mobile App Development, offering cross functional capability covering wireframing, storyboarding, development and designing in all platforms including Android and IOS.

We always use the ultimate game development platform Unity 3D and well-known in mobile game development backend resources such as GameSparks or PlayFab.

Business and organizational structure:
Our main goal is timely delivery of high quality services resulting in top-of-the-line product based on our customer’s idea. Our organizational structure is best attuned to this goal. Our business contains all the crucial components, and using our best practices and the latest teqnologies allows us to offer comprehensive range of services.

Our company is well-developmed to come out on top in very competitive software development enviroment.


Our Services:

  • Mobile game development
  • Game art design services
  • Game design document development
  • Analytics
  • Monetization


We are a full-cycle game development company and we are ready to take our customer's idea and transform it into a first-class product from scratch.

Contact us today and lets get started!

Email for cooperation: [email protected]

Sponsorship in March 2023