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Our mission is to provide affordable, professional web solutions to small businesses at a lower cost than traditional consulting firms. Your business is important to us. We know it's a big step when you decide to put your business on the Internet and we will work with you to make your site not only appealing to you, but to your potential customers as well. To design a website for you, we gather your information, pictures and ideas, design a site for your approval. Once you have proofed the site and changes are made, we will put it up on the domain for the world to see. Atique IT specializes in using online tools such as Web Design, Graphic Design, Online Marketing and Social Networking to create customers for you. Our goal with every small business is to help grow it into a top competitor in its target area. At Atique IT we strive to work with you rather than for you in growing your business and strive to create business partnerships that could last a lifetime.

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