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Agency Profile

The Automotive Advertising Agency

Austin, United States


The Automotive Advertising Agency is a multi-cultural, full-service, creative advertising agency specializing in the automotive industry. Our team has worked with over 100 tier 3 and tier 2 clients. We understand the importance of moving metal. Utilizing powerful research tools including Polk and Cross-Sell, we analyze and evaluate your market landscape, then determine where share acquisition opportunities can be exploited through a conquest sales strategy allowing you to increase your absorption. Once we identify the particular market growth opportunities for your dealership or LMA we develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that is designed to help you sell your inventory. With over 100 years combined experience in broadcast television, cable, radio, Spanish language media, internet marketing, brand development, public relations, digital media and advertising, our creative team will craft a customized message that will enhance your market positioning and increase your profitability.

Sponsorship in April 2021