Agency Profile


At Avori, we develop tailor-made software solutions. By utilizing skilled talent, scalable resources, various tools, and methods; we design, build and deliver cost-effective strategic applications.

Avori was founded in 2018 with a vision of filling in the void created by the need for quality software products. Even though we are a young company in the IT services market, we have ambitious plans for our successful growth. We regularly hone our skills by keeping up with the latest developments and training. Our teams have the necessary resources, knowledge, and drive to set the pace.

Belarus is an excellent outsourcing destination for software development and other IT services. The high competence of Belarusian specialists paired with our low cost of living, excellent connectivity, and favorable business conditions, allows us to provide reasonable pricing without compromising on quality. Being located in the heart of "Europe’s Silicone Valley.” Avori's strategic location allows us to serve our clients comfortably and efficiently, with direct flights to most major airports in Europe, Middle East, and Northern Asia.

Avori is not associated with any technology vendors. This means we will always choose the most suitable technologies for your project. All code written by Avori’s developers is produced without the use of any proprietary components. This means that any developer can pick up and work with the code.

As your commissioned partner, we will be with you every step of the way from planning to implementation, and beyond. Our software developers create bespoke software products, apps, and operational systems for SMEs, large enterprises, non-profits, and funded start-ups providing transparency and competitive rates.

Sponsorship in April 2024