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Agency Profile

Berge Farrell APAC

Sydney, Australia


Often, businesses spend a disproportionate amount of time obsessing in the pursuit of perfecting the product or service that they wish to sell, and less time thinking about how this product or service is going to be received or is perceived by their target customer. This latter piece is solved by having a powerful brand, and Berge Farrell exists to help close this gap.

We are a strategic brand design agency with decades of global packaging and POS design experience. We have helped brands of all shapes and sizes, across a multitude of industry categories, cut through the clutter and capture the hearts and minds of their target customers with unique and ownable positioning and impactful designs.

  • We believe that considered insight coupled with inspired creativity is the perfect marriage for ground breaking innovation, brand development, consumer engagement and world class design.
  • We have a specific mix of international expertise that gives us a platform for an integrated and differentiated approach to brand design.
  • We encompass global brand management experts, world class designers and strategists that are unusually creatively driven and therefore conceptual.
  • The net result is strategically driven design rather than strategy, or indeed design as abstract disciplines.
  • Bridging the gap and providing not just brand design, but an engaged long-term partner for ongoing, proactive support in driving competitive advantage in the business of brands.

At the heart of it, we believe that delivering excellence in both service levels and measurable results for client brands are the only awards worth having. A purist focus of core skills is always the best approach. We believe in mastery.

Sponsorship in September 2021