Agency Profile

Bicom inc.

Montréal, Canada


Marie-Noelle Hamelin and Vicky Boudreau founded bicom in 2006, innovating how to get brands noticed – for the right reasons and by the right people. Their motto? Make it happen, no matter what.

The principles of their partnership formed the values that guide bicom’s business today: attracting top talent and inspiring their hustle to deliver meaningful results. Together, they’re moving the company towards their vision of creating a strong network of locally-led creative communities that redefine the power of influence. They’re the best of friends, sharing an office and family vacations, and continue to rise to every challenge that comes their way.

In 2015, the duo opened the bicom Toronto office; the exponential growth that followed positioned bicom as one of Canada's most prolific agencies.

Sponsorship in March 2023