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Agency Profile


London, United Kingdom


We focus on building modular and scalable software, leveraging our employees skills gained from working at companies like Accenture, IQVIA, Google, Microsoft and Hulu. Ex-Google directors trust us to build their tech startups. 

All of our employees are proficient in English and our communication is always complimented, as seen in our client testimonials.  We have carefully built an international team of project managers, product experience specialists, modern stack software developers, and designers to create delivery teams you can trust.

We utilise cutting edge technologies and agile processes that deliver greater efficiency, quicker outcomes and enhanced product quality. Innovation is essential to driving success in a startup. Seeing your challenges clearly and understanding your opportunities early is key to maximising performance.

Bitcube offers the necessary experience, scientific depth and operational expertise to help you rapidly build your product and ultimately focus on getting your innovations to the market.

Sponsorship in September 2021