Agency Profile

BK360 - Babenko Propaganda

São Paulo, Brazil


An advertising agency with a digital focus, gathering from 15 years of experience in serving institutional and product accounts, in lasting relationships with people in national and multinational companies.


With an intelligent and uncomplicated structure, we offer agility in execution and online service and relationship.


Thus, we are able to meet digital and graphic design demands in the most diverse scenarios that the current world requires.


We are dedicated to meeting all your communication needs:

- Digital Campaigns
- Websites - Institutional / Promotional
- Graphic Design


More than 10 years of experience in communication work for national companies, multinationals, SMEs and start-ups and in the most diverse types of markets.


We have worked for: Zurich Seguros, Ethos, Unicef, Porte Construtora, Corr Plastik, Agropecuária Jacarezinho, Gallo Imobiliária, Norac do Brasil, Consórcio PCJ, Ateliê do Sabor, FeetUp, Imobiliária Pedro de Lima, CabeloMania, Bombelêla, Constureck, DiMartino, Invicta, Bic, Embrapa, Sinpro-SP.

Sponsorship in June 2024