Agency Profile

Blend Commerce

Alcester, United Kingdom


Working with an agency should be easier and more flexible than hiring and training.  


The main reasons it isn’t is due to some fundamental flaws in the traditional agency/merchant relationship.


By removing the barriers that create these flaws, we provide you with flexible access to a team with a rich set of skills that are rewarded for the successes they generate in your business.


Your on-demand digital department


The Blend team consists of UI & UX Designers, Front & Backend Developers, CRO consultants, Growth Marketers and Strategy Consultants. Our company culture is focused on continuous learning and development. Due to this, you’ll benefit from a tight-knit team that's on the pulse in a quickly changing Shopify environment.


Ultimately, working with us as an agency allows you to benefit from the years of learning and testing that our team have been part of. Our reward for working with you is tied to your success - we can’t just collect a paycheck at the end of the month and expect you to be happy. We have to be agile and flexible.


Many of our clients also love that they get to meet regularly with the CEO and COO of Blend to discuss the bigger picture ideas for their business. Essentially, think of it as having a non-executive director in your company to bounce ideas off.





Sponsorship in April 2024