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Agency Profile


If you are looking for some cheap freelancers from software area, who will implement a project in a week, then it’s not us:)

We have been building our methodology, which core is based on the processes of implementing projects and web applications, for several years. The calmness of ongoing projects and comfort of working together are our superior goals.

Our implementing process is agile, we work in small, interdisciplinary teams with a flat structure, our flow of information is fast like lightning and workflow in general is well-established.

We handle many technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, REST API, React, Redux, Vue, AngularJS, Node.js, Express.js, TypeScript, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, RWD, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Git Flow , Laravel 5, MySQL. Clean Code is our principal of daily work, moreover our code complies with the latest standards.

We specialize in creating dedicated web applications, and SaaS solutions. We provide solutions both frontend and backend which are based on various technologies. We also have an experience in many external APIs integrations.

We communicate natively in 3 languages so we implement projects not only in Poland but in wide European markets.

Communication is a key to an effective and successful project, that’s why we carry out plans, sprints, retrospections, video calls in cooperation with clients. All of the appearing problems are communicated at their early stage, because we respect and value ours and client’s both time and money.

If what you have read is close to your heart, your beliefs and that’s how you imagine cooperation - then we can definitely do an interesting project together:).

Sponsorship in October 2021