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Dhaka, Bangladesh


What you do when you face a problem? You first try to think of a solution by yourself. Then you may seek help from your friend or family and so on. And your last resort generally becomes one of the experts for that kind of problem. As for these so called experts, each may give you different solutions to your problem. Some may work for you, some may not. And most experts almost always claim that their solutions are the best. But can't there be any better one really??

Well, That's where WE COME IN.

As a business man or as a Service provider we all have to do repetitive work, Right? Why waste our precious time by doing the things that can be automated anyway. We try to solve your real life problem by making software and we believe we are good at it. We are not gonna say our solution is the best. Here, in BMIT, we believe there can always be a better one. No matter how efficient your current solution is, we don't believe a particular solution can be best and we don't take anything for granted. We believe that makes us who we are right now….Human…The only Species that never settled. What do you think?

You may think these guys are crazy. And we will say you are absolutely right. Maybe because here we still believe,

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