Agency Profile

Bording Vista Ltd

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Bording Vista was founded by the F.E. Bording Group and TechnoVista in 2007. Today Bording Vista is a leading supplier of software and DTP solutions to enterprises across Scandinavia.

We aim to supply highly professional services, where cost and quality go hand in hand. Our software and DTP team is comprised of well-qualified and motivated employees working under the management of Danish project managers to meet Scandinavian clients' needs and requirements.

Our core values can be described as follows:

Competence: Our clients will meet competent, inquisitive and communicative employees who are the best workforce on the market. Why? Because development, production and outsourcing all start with a disadvantage in the form of temporal, cultural and language differences. We employ only the best employees and offer our employees further training on an ongoing basis so that they remain the best in their field at any given time.

Quality: We go to extraordinary lengths to make a difference to our clients. We offer high-quality solutions and customer services that are second to none so that our clients spend as little time as possible on briefings, testing, proofreading, etc. To achieve this, we focus consistently on client satisfaction and monitor the quality of the work we supply.

Sponsorship in October 2023