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Agency Profile


We have been operating in the technology market since 2017 when we began to deal intensively with the development of neural networks. The reflection of professional work is mainly our unique platform dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Our core team has worked together for almost 10 years. Members of our team have many international certifications. Founded by two former IT-executives and tech industry innovators, BRAIN:IT has grown into an in software engineering and development with a team of 50+ IT experts. We are focused on bringing real values to our customers and on helping them to be leaders in the marketplace.

Our portfolio of services has gradually expanded. We have added custom software solutions, database development and management, electronic signatures, information security services, and information systems consulting to artificial intelligence.

We use agile development methodologies, which means that we actively communicate with a customer during the development process, so he always has all recent information about which functionalities are in progress at a specific time to join this process and actively participate in the implementation of his delivery.

Sponsorship in September 2021