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Curitiba, Brazil


The history of companies migrated from the dispute between products to the competition of their forms of advertising. He has already disputed the customer for price until he reached the current stage: a competition between symbolic realities of the brands and the distinctive space in the consumer's mind. The battle for physical territory has evolved to achieve “share of mind”, that is, a privileged space in the consumer's mind. Brands are now created in people's minds and hearts. Or as M. Neumeier says: The brand is not what you say it is, but what they say it is. Branding is "a set of activities that aims to optimize the management of an organization's brands as a competitive differential". The term branding is derived from the verb, "brand" and means "to mark". Your brand has to do that. In the gerund, the term “branding” refers to continuous action in caring for the brand, its image and reputation and its values. Adding value to the brand requires care with the image and the global perception that it generates in people. Without a good image there is no good perception. Without value experiences there is no good perception and without perception there is no way to generate value for the brand.

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