Agency Profile

Budapest Brand P.L.C.

New York, Uruguay


Budapest Brand P.L.C. (Budapest Brand) shapes the capital's brand and tourism strategy and is responsible for producing valuable cultural content and organising festivals and fairs. We identify the potential of the city in order to create the image of a liveable and lovable city for the residents of Budapest and those visiting Budapest. Our priority is to showcase the values of this city, shape and coordinate tourism in Budapest, position Budapest as a destination and adapt it to the ever-changing environment. Our tourism strategy and city branding strategy are based on the same underlying idea, so the system of messages conveying this idea is aimed at both residents and tourists. Budapest Brand strives to map and show the potential of the city, build communities, and convey a liveable and loveable city image to both the people of Budapest and to those who visit Budapest.  

Sponsorship in January 2023