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Bynder Group

Thousand Oaks, United States


strategy, we worked with senior partners to craft a new voice, tone, and manner.

The new website continues to feature an active blog, producing relevant and contextual content to provide thought leadership and industry commentary. The blog is now more streamlined and visual, allowing for easier reading and higher engagement. Also prominently featured is a comprehensive portfolio providing detailed case studies to provide examples of the quality of work produced, as well as range of clients served.

Creating a conceptual hook for McGraph Power to leverage as a lead generation tool, as well as a way to emphasis expert insight, we recommended transparency and trust in the modern marketplace as a theme. This subject created the foundation for a downloadable ebook, accessed via custom landing page, as well as a subject for presentations.

The result is a highly engaging website and marketing effort that is generating leads while repositioning the company in a more competitive way. We continue to partner with McGraph Power on their marketing, as we help this venerable agency continue to adapt and compete.

Sponsorship in March 2021