Agency Profile

Candid Creative

Penarth, United Kingdom


Since its establishment by freelance designer John Davies in October 2011, Candid (then Twisty Creative) has carved out a niche in supplying contemporary design and branding solutions to large third-sector organisations as well as start-ups and small businesses.

Having built up a portfolio of work for a variety of third sector organisations, including social care, equality and diversity, and homelessness charities, Candid has come to recognise the idiosyncratic nature of the problems faced by each individual organisation, as well as the common theme of stringent budgetary constraints, and has developed effective solutions accordingly. The ability to draw upon a wealth of experience in this field allows Candid to tailor the design process to the specific needs of a client in a cost-effective manner, ultimately successfully raising brand awareness without compromising on quality or brand identity and values. Candid has adopted a holistic approach to its work; from the initial consultation, through sourcing trusted suppliers for the client, to the creation of the end product, we are always on hand to provide advice and facilitate the client’s stress-free steering of the entire project - working above and beyond expectations is always a goal at Candid! Our design studio operates in a sustainable and inclusive manner - values which we ensure our suppliers also hold in high regard. The other values at the heart of our ethos are those of clarity and simplicity. Our aim is always to work closely with the client in order to develop the strong and consistent brand that is vital to the success of third sector organisations, without confusing matters with jargon or waffle.

Sponsorship in August 2022