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Agency Profile

Carry Grow

Seoul, South Korea


Carry Grow is a creative contents design studio run by illustrator “Carry” and graphic designer “Carryman”. We are currently publishing a webtoon brand series, “Carry’s today” which is about searching for joy in our languid daily life and sharing stormy empathy on Carry’s unique life style with the public, And with a variety of experiences in the virtual world and the real world, Carry is building up her own view on the world and Carry Grow’s identity. We are using a variety of material called "daily life" and providing a variety of contents, such as our brand’s on/offline ad promotion, graphic design, illustration, character design, product design and etc. to play a role of narrowing up the distance between customers and the public along with Carry’s growth to help them share smooth communication. 

Sponsorship in September 2021