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Cerberus Agency

New Orleans, United States


Cerberus was the name of the loyal watchdog stationed by the River Styx, an ancient​ ​mythological creature of​ ​immense strength with three heads and a dragon’s tail. Each head could see the past, present, and future with​ ​perfect clarity. Like our namesake, Cerberus’ greatest strength is our team’s ability to strip away the non-essential​ ​and provide true focus.​

Cerberus is an internationally recognized full-service advertising, design, web development, and media agency. Our greatest strength is the ability to strip away the non-essential and provide true focus for emerging brands. This focus enables Cerberus to remain ever mindful of our clients' past, their present opportunities, and future brand development goals. Built on the belief that all clients appreciate thoughtful, creative ideas that drive their brands forward, Cerberus is just as apt to work with companies as established as the NFL or as completely original and never-before-imagined as New Orleans' own craft soda, Fest.

​It is this ability to provide a focused, disciplined branding process that enables Cerberus to glean insights from​ ​a cluttered landscape and identify effective messaging triggers and tactics to create artful communications that​ ​drive brands forward with measurable results. Aside from earning astounding returns on our clients’ investments​ ​over the past 10 years, Cerberus is recognized as a creative leader in the world of​ ​advertising, both offline and online.

// Lürzer's Archive Issue 6/2018 and 2/2018 // 5 Published Works

// Lürzer's Archive Top 200 Packaging Designers // 4Published Works 

// Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual // 2 Published Works

// Logo Lounge Book // 2 Published Works 

// National American Association of Advertising Agencies // Silver

// District 7 Regional AAAA // 3 Gold

// New Orleans AAAA // 6 Gold / 11 Silver

Sponsorship in February 2021