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Agency Profile


Panama City, Panama


ChainZilla is an end-to-end blockchain development and consultancy firm. Our goal is to facilitate the onboarding process for statups, companies, and anyone that wants to build on blockchain infrastructure.

We were one of the first custom blockchain software development companies to transfer a client’s business to new technologies, making it available to thousands of end-users. Today we continue to innovate and pioneer the use of new platforms and tools.

ChainZilla has unique expertise in complex solutions; custom software, mobile, proof of concept, blockchain development; big data analytics, and graphic design. 

Leaders in the Blockchain Space: We work with leading blockchain projects worldwide and are helping companies implement blockchain technologies in industries ranging from fintech, educational, finance and media, as well as government bodies.

Our partners include:


- Komodo Platform


- Qtum

- CryptoSyngergy Advisors

- CryptoGeeks

- Pundix

- MakerDao

Services and Solutions

- Security and Utility Tokens

- Smart contracts

- ICO management

- Custom blockchain

- Exchange

- Mobile and Desktop Wallet

- E-wallet

- Fiat Integration

- App Development



Sponsorship in September 2021