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Hours: By Appointment Social links: Google My Business: Business Description: Chémin is a boutique fragrance & luxury goods company that specializes in creating custom fragrances, luxury goods and sensory experiences for individuals, groups and organizations. We operate at the intersection of beauty and wellness, experience and service, artistry and life. At Chémin, we believe that fragrance is personal- not commercial, and that living well is a birthright. We also believe fragrance is an entry point to one\\\'s soul and your throw should represent the essence of your being while nurturing you on your path to becoming. Our brand is built upon the legacy of medicine woman Mary Lena “Chémin” Portalis, the paternal grandmother of our founder November Nichols. She cared for herself and others with grace and love and created hand-crafted tea remedies, fragrant tinctures, and rituals, which she shared with her community. It was her belief that beauty is cultivated from within - and we could’t agree with her more. At Chémin, living well is not just about the beauty around us it is also about the beauty within us and how we cultivate it in our being and our lives. So, whether you join us for our luxury bespoke fragrance experience, experience products from our collection or attend one of our luxury curated experiences, we encourage you to live a life you love, to do the things that make your heart smile and to care for yourself because self care isn\\\'t selfish, it\\\'s vital! Your throw impacts your catch so, live well. -November Nichols To learn more about Chémin visit us at:

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