Agency Profile

Clipping Mask Asia - CMA

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Clipping Mask Asia is a USA Based Bangladeshi Photo Editing Studio

We offer any sort of photo editing service online throughout the nations. We are popular for high quality at low cost. Our production house is located in Dhaka and we have around 60 professionals in our group. We have more than seven years of experience in image editing industry in our local market and have been dealing globally since 2012. Our key goal is to involve thousands of unemployed hands in productive work that will develop the individuals and make us more visible in the postmodern world of technology and advancement.

We are highly committed to maintain the environment at our office premises. We practice business behavior with the duty time in friendly manner. The cooperation among the employees here is awesome. CMA arranges regular seminar and workshop on the improvement of office manner and behavior by the side of regular skill development training. Such professional attitude makes Clipping Mask Asia one of the leading member in this world of image and visualization.

Sponsorship in March 2023