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It all started in 2014, when two Symfony programmers and trainers, Leszek Prabucki and Szymon Skowroński, founded Cocoders - Cooperative coders to create high quality software together and help others.

We specialize in providing high quality dedicated products. The company employs 9 people, we create a team that works creatively and passionately! We are open, we act professionally, meet deadlines and play as a team. This distinguishes us!

We believe that honesty is the key to fruitful cooperation. Transparency and honesty of our work is a priority for us, among other things, that is why we offer an opportunity to verify the progress of each task in weekly meetings with the client. When working with us, you can always easily view our work and communicate directly with the Cocoders team, using tools such as Slack, Trello, Google Meet, Github.

The use of open source tools has become a permanent feature of our workshop. We know how important it is to share knowledge, so not only do we often take part in conferences, but we also sponsor meetings and conferences, e.g. PHPers Summit or PHPers meetings in Tri-City and Torun. Our team actively participates in various types of meetings, during which they develop their soft and hard (technical) skills. We try to help people on StackOverflow, talk on forums and groups on Facebook and give back to the community as much as we can!

This is especially important for us to make our work environment friendly and as good as possible. We know that people are different and it is important to us that despite these differences (which are essential for creative work) everyone works comfortably. We want our clients to feel comfortable with us too!





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