Agency Profile

CodeRangers LLC

Dhaka, Bangladesh


In 2012 CodeRangers Limited was created by entrepreneur and IT specialist Shamim Ahmed.

Our expert focus is high-tech software and game/business development processes. Focusing on working with you, the client, has helped us build a solid foundation from which to grow.

The key industries in which we implement our magic are game publishers, telecommunications companies, government, education, transportation companies, retail, travel, insurance and finance and a handful of others.

From our first breath we felt strongly we didn't want to be 'just another IT development' company.

What makes us the company to come to is our professional expertise and base principle of putting you, the client first.  We choose to focus on building long-term relationships by offering top notch services and going above and beyond the call of duty.  We want you to want us.


We are ever-learning and building as we speak.  Our strong work ethics and specialized expertise allows us to become bigger and better every day.  We gather information and gain experience to help make the next project that much better.  We don't settle for ordinary, we shoot for extraordinary.


By offering elite services on all levels and establishing continued relations with our clients, we guarantee future advancement and success for everyone.

Sponsorship in October 2023