Agency Profile


Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Coworc is a PR agency whose greatest strength is the development of communication strategies for technology companies looking to consolidate their regional reach in Latin America.


•We believe that communication is a relationship that is built. Our mission is to provide the client with an independent viewpoint on how to show what they do.

•We understand the major changes that the Internet triggered in the media ecosystem of the region. Our job is to manage those new instruments with a systemic criterion in order to create a fluent and original dialogue. We put communication in line with business goals.


•The people who work at Coworc have a media background. Our DNA is intrinsically journalistic. Unlike other PR agencies, we work on a daily basis on the creation of content. If the content tells a story, half the work is done.

•We trust that authentic and quality content is the engine that makes any communication effort end in success

Sponsorship in March 2023