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Agency Profile

Cozy Design, Inc.

San Diego, United States


As little as possible, but never less.

We’re a collaborative San Diego agency at the intersection of design and customer experience. We combine the best parts of user experience (UX) with creative design, resulting in striking brand experiences that connect with customers, partners, and sponsors efficiently and effectively.

No vision quests for inspiration. Just pragmatic collaboration and efficient results built by big-agency survivors with decades of experience.

Our focus is digital design — design strategy, UX design, graphic design, copywriting — all firmly rooted in UX design. We apply the tenets of UX design — building empathy, understanding stakeholders, starting small, customizing solutions — to our design process itself.


Our founder, Lee Fuhr, uses his deep digital experience (20 years and counting) to curate a work plan that saves our clients time, money, and frustration on the way to an informed, reliable, high-quality solution shrink-wrapped to fit each unique problem space.

In a world full of expensive inspiration, Cozy is home to brands that simply want to look good, feel good, and grow.

Sponsorship in March 2021