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Creative Era Media

Calgary, Canada


Creative Era Media is a Calgary based digital marketing agency run by millennials who have a deep and thorough understanding of the current social and digital marketing landscape. 

Here at Creative Era Media, we see marketing differently. We know that your time as a business owner is precious, that’s why we take the time to learn all the new marketing trends that bring you real results, while you can focus on what matters most in your business. 

Unlike other agencies, we don’t wait until you need something done or until you come up with your next big marketing idea, we run on a constant schedule so that you are always seeing results, and constantly getting new ideas on how to grow your business.

Working with Creative Era Media means you will see real results, unlike many other agencies who’s goal is to bring you “followers.” We bring people results, not just SEO results.

While we specialize in advanced hyper-targeting advertising for Facebook and Instagram, we offer numerous other services to fit your business marketing needs, including, but not limited to content creation, website design and development, email marketing, social media management, media redesign and more.

We are confident that you will see results within the first month of work; we’ve done it for numerous other businesses, and we can do it for yours.

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