Agency Profile


We, DCIT , have the pleasure to express ourselves as an absolute Software Development company in Dhaka Bangladesh that is specialized for Web development and solution. It is situated in Bangladesh for more than 8 years. We have already achieved our reputation by the completion of numerous successful web projects worldwide. Moreover, we are very prominent by our professional approach to work with and meanwhile we have got certified & for our support and service. The organization is managed and operated by a great Management Board consist of highly professional executives under a operational guidelines. DCIT has grown with time and is being updating itself with the ever changing scenario of the technology enhancement and always keeps a focus on updated technology and tools. The growth of the organization followed the path of getting used to rising Web development needs and solution services in any arena of domestic corporate and International conglomerate which is the integral part of our development planning. DCIT, one of the first generation Web solution service house of Bangladesh, thus survived the test of time and earned experience, institutional strength and a management system which is perfect to understand and interact with any kind of client including government, bilateral even multilateral and also non-governmental bodies and agencies to understand the specific IT needs specially Web functionality and Management Information System (MIS) and contribute to development approaches, implementation and priorities through associating ourselves once and for all with the stages and method of need-driven spheres of IT innovation activities.

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