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Agency Profile

Derave Software

Lublin, Poland


We specialize in custom built web applications and deliver high performance and UX optimised solutions for your business. We know that every business is different and that’s why we have an individual approach to our clients.


We offer an end-to-end approach with a toolbelt of best practices in Software development using proven technologies.

Our goal is to help you turn your idea into a complete solution, starting from workshops where we will discover and understand your business through designing the product to implementing it.

We specialize in delivery of scalable tailored solutions. Thanks to our experience we provide an ecosystem of complementary services

Our Service Offerings:

  • Business Process Modeling - To create solutions efficiently, we have to understand your business. With our experience and using a modern analytical approach we will help with ideating key processes and propose solutions to them.

  • E-commerce solutions - We’ll help you take your current e-commerce solution to a more mature level. Save time on managing product catalogue, reduce the manual work when invoicing and automate your logistics. Retain your customers with marketing automation and loyalty programs.

  • System integrations - With the growth of your business you notice that the same data circulates between your ERP, accounting, suppliers and other systems used in your daily operations. This circulation very often requires manual maintaining and degrades data quality. Automize all that work and create one solid ecosystem which will become your decision hub.

  • Business IT Analysis - Engage with us through a series of workshops that will help you map and plan your future digital product. Focus on the critical business goals and know all the risks before the implementation phase - deliver a great starting point for your UX and Development team.


Technologies and tools we use:


  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • JavaScript

  • Vue

  • EventStorming

Sponsorship in September 2021