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Agency Profile


Web Development

We’ve been creating modern applications for over 10 years in our professional careers. Basing on a great experience of backend and frontend developers as well as UX awareness we create reliable, scalable, business-tailored and high quality applications. We work on a different levels of complexity from simple SEO optimized pages, more advanced web apps in modern technologies, to complex systems for marketing, social media, streaming, business, and CMS. We provide further maintenance.

Mobile Development

We live in a world of mobile, world of apps – it’ no longer nice to have, it’s a must. To meet the expectations of demanding customers we focus on creating UX/UI ready mobile applications from scratch. Using mobile app framework React Native we deliver modern iOS & Android ready products.

We know: Java Script, Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, Type Script, UX/UI Design, PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Wordpress, Server Side Rendering, Android, iOS, React Native, SQL, Databases, Vertica, MongoDB

Sponsorship in October 2021