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Chicago, United States


What is "The Clientele Optimizer"?

Picture the top 20% of your clientele…

They are happy and relieved they are now under your guidance, they come to you whenever in need of your unique expertise, and they would sing your praises any time your business niche is mentioned in conversation with friends, family, or colleagues.


Optimize your pipeline with Digital Avengers. Strategic inbound marketing tactics and proven advertising ROI.

Gain peace of mind knowing “The Clientele Optimizer” is on top of it!

About Jesse (Founder)


Because I’m a small business owner too! Technology has allowed us to be more nimble than ever. I outsource almost everything outside of my expertise to an automated technology or another small business vendor or a hybrid (such as myself).

I am here to help “Avenge” the status quo. I’m here to help the fine folks who think they can’t compete with big corp. I’m here to help you win and build a name for myself as a trusted partner and the best marketer in Chicago, let’s go!


Machine Learning, strategic partnerships, experience, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, actual hard work, refusal to fail, books, podcasts, analyzation, balance, communication, choosing the right clients, and loving what I do.

I hope to earn your trust through integrity and results. Most importantly I look forward to working with great people! Thanks!

Sponsorship in April 2024