Agency Profile

Direct Focus Marketing Communications

Winnipeg, Canada


We give you the big picture - Brand, strategy & creative are just the beginning.
We plan, build, review, adjust, prototype, revise, build again, check, sleep, test, launch, deliver, store, manage, and produce. Then, we send the final email.

We grow with you.
Our growth has always been tied to the demands of our clients. This has driven our perspective on delivering result-based solutions.

Innovation - Not just a buzzword.
Not here. We distill our clients’ needs and goals, then come up with brand new ways to solve their business challenges. Sometimes, this changes the very way we do business.

Execution - Where the magic happens.
Throughout the strategizing, planning and development, we apply best practices, expertise and good old common sense to get things done. On track and on point. 

Management - Success on overdrive.
Your system, campaign, site or app is up and running. Now we can analyze, maintain and boost your ROI, ensuring our marketing efforts are efficient and repeatable.

Sponsorship in August 2022