Agency Profile


New York, United States


DisPRuptive is a purpose-built agency, created for game-changing brands and ICOs/STOs. 

✜ Created by an incredible team, who’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world…including IBM, Honda, ING, Samsung and GE

✜ Some of the team (those with a few more grey hairs!) worked on exciting projects & with some amazing people (e.g. Tim Berners Lee) during the dawn of the Internet (yes, some 20 years ago). And here we are again, helping companies to shine through another revolution

✜ At DisPRuptive, we believe that the digital revolution, powered by new monetary & technology solutions, can change the world in so many ways for the better. It’ is therefore disappointing that scams and unprofessionalism among certain service providers - and via some ICOs/STOs themselves - have created scepticism and distrust.

✜ We are therefore doing our bit to try and rectify the issues. We’re on a mission to bring professionalism & best practice within marketing & PR to the ICO / Blockchain / crypto worlds

✜ Headquartered in the tech centres within London & NYC

✜ We have a footprint in every continent, with a 20+ strong team based in the tech-heart of London

✜ Our team comprises of experts in each aspect of PR & Marketing

✜ We’re truly engaged in the sector - indeed, we organise our own events and support those events of others - we are fully integrated within the ecosystem

Sponsorship in August 2022