Agency Profile

DJS Creative Marketing

Dundee, United Kingdom


For Managing Principal, Derek Souter, that’s the best possible recommendation. "We believed we could raise clients’ profiles - and their profits - within realistic budgets". “This refreshingly straightforward approach is also carried through to the design process itself because, as Jimi Sutherland, Creative Principal, sees it, good design is about making the client look good - not the designer.

Jimi says: The first thing we do is get a feel for the personality of the company, how the client works, what they’re trying to achieve. And then we can create visually integrated communications. It’s this combination of innovation and sound business sense that has helped DJS grow alongside its clients. DJS Creative Marketing offers advice and practical solutions across all media - from market research and media buying to digital design and advertising. As Derek says: We make sure that everything we do, and all the advice we give, is designed to give our clients a higher profile which in turn will lead to an increase in business.

Sponsorship in August 2022