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Don't Cry Wolf

London, United Kingdom


We're the brand activism agency.

Our focus is on helping organisations establish a role in the world beyond pounds and pence using their resources to create positive change in the world and gain loyal and engaged audiences along the way.

Over half of the global consumers expect brands to get involved in at least one societal issue. What’s more, 65% of us believe that businesses bear as much responsibility as governments for driving social change.

What about cold, hard, cash? Well, purpose-driven brands outperform brands that don’t focus on socio-economic and/or environmental impact. In 2018, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands grew 69% faster than the rest of the business, compared to 46% in 2017. That’s pretty remarkable growth.

What about big business vs small business? Again, things flip on their head a bit. Yes great big organisations like Nike have done well with brand activism, but a latest report shows that challenger brands with a smaller market share are likely to gain more from taking a stand on divisive political issues.

There are a few things organisations that focus on more than the monetary bottom line have that puts them in good stead for brand activism work.

A purpose beyond making money - this is your intent

A strategy to take action against that purpose - this is your action

A method to measure the impact of that strategy and publicly report on it - this is your proof

Don’t Cry Wolf specialises in addressing each one of these and works with organisations to effectively build their brand activism approach from scratch. But, there are some things we can’t do:

We can’t make you brave

We can’t lie to make you look good

We can’t make everyone love you

We can’t pretend (this is too serious)

Finally, we've won, PRCA Best Low Budget Consumer Campaign, 2020 PR Week Best New Agency in 2019. PR Week Best Place To Work in 2020.

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