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DOTh Inc.

Mississauga, Canada


Beyond just a functional website design with elegant graphics and web pages, we offer clients a successful internet presence that integrates strategy, creativity, synergistic graphic design, SEO-rich, relevant content, custom web development, user-friendly site navigation and superior technical efficiency that attracts and engages customers and drives them to desired action. DOTh brings a comprehensive blend of knowledge and skill sets to the table, with specialized solutions that fit your needs perfectly. Our history of partnering with clients from a wide range of industries, to provide internet based technology solutions with proven measurable results. By examining your Web strategy and how it fits into the overall strategic goals and objectives of your organization we want you to get the most benefit out of your Web project. But what really sets us apart is our acclaimed customer service and customization. Our inspirational, collaborative workspace is a source of perpetual creative energy! We belive there really is no better way to achieve goals than to collaborate, share ideas, and have an open line of communication. We like to think of clients as partners, equally involved in contributing ideas.

Sponsorship in April 2021