Agency Profile

Elevator Communications Inc.



ELEVATOR is an unconventional boutique agency with offices in Toronto and Montreal. It was founded in 2001 by Melanie Rego with a purpose to do better work, with smarter people for the BEST CLIENTS and have the MOST FUN in the wild and crazy world of PR. Businesses typically define the success of “PR” as “making the news”, “earned media impressions”, sometimes even “free advertising”…But it’s much more than that.

At ELEVATOR media is a channel (right?!) that we choose to activate when it maps to a client’s business objectives. We call it ELEVATOR MESSAGING. We will never get attached to a specific medium, technology, channel or approach. We craft the right story, through the right channel to the right customer. It’s harder and more complicated to do but its worth it …it works. We call it ELEVATOR MESSAGING. We define our world as an elevator-sized space where we have only moments to connect our clients with their customers and make those moments perfect. Our mission is to craft messages with precision for those very moments. We call it ELEVATOR MESSAGING. Our story will always be created, defined and delivered with the method that best gets the clients message heard in the right tone in the right way by the right people. It’s what we’re best at. Get the message? We call it: ELEVATOR MESSAGING.

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